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The Isle of Wedmore includes Wedmore, Bagley, Blackford, Blakeway, Chapel Allerton, Clewer, Cocklake, Crickham, Heath House, Latcham, Little Ireland, Mudgley, Sand, Stone Allerton, Theale, West End, West Ham, and West Stoughton.

But why the "Isle" of Wedmore I hear you ask?

Well, simply because at one time, long, long ago, Wedmore was surrounded by water! The Somerset Levels (Tealham and Tadham Moor) do still flood from time to time, especially in the winter. Very serious flooding experienced winter 2013/2014 around the Somerset Levels but not so much near Wedmore.


Wedmore has a very active community and hosts a number of events throughout the year including the famous Turnip Prize, the Wedmore Harvest Home, Theale Flower show, Wedmore Opera, Street Fair, Wedmore in Bloom flower dispays, Wedmore Theatre Club productions, Blackford Village Scarecrows display and the Real Ale Festival to name a few. 

Wedmore Playing Fields will be under a major development during 2013 -2014 with new loacation and increased number of tennis courts, upgraded football fields, upgraded recreational building, increased parking and many other exciting additions.

The highly respected Isle of Wedmore News is a monthly community news free magazine which provides news, articles, what's on and advertisements from the businesses serving the community.

The tune is Sleepy Maggie and the musicians are The Somerset Levellers:

Alan Balmer - bass, Dave Sawtell - bodhran, Simon Dore - melodeon,
Bernard Coulter - guitar and Lou Muton - violin.


This is our first attempt to produce a promotional video for Wedmore.

If you are able to produce something better please let us know and we will put it on the website.