Isle of Wedmore

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The Isle of Wedmore directory is a comprehensive list of businesses, clubs and associations in the Isle of Wedmore.

Advertising on the Isle of Wedmore website is FREE providing your organisation meets the following criteria:


      1) Your premises are within the Wedmore parish

      2) You live and perform or run your organisation within the Wedmore parish


The Wedmore parish (Isle of Wedmore) includes Wedmore, Bagley, Blackford, Chapel Allerton, Clewer, Cocklake, Crickham, Heath House, Latcham, Little Ireland, Mudgley, Sand, Stone Allerton, Theale, West End, West Ham, and West Stoughton.

If you would like to advertise or update your information in the directory

                                    please complete the application form which can be found HERE.  <<<===





Please note there is a very good search facility provided.  Just go to the very top row and click on the Search button.

You can provide an existing business name (part or full) for example Compton.  Try it.

The search results should display what "directory" or "directories"  this search item can be found.

You may know a telephone number only, so all you would put in the SEARCH box is that number and the search will find it and tell you what directory/directories location it has found.